Justice Ademola has excused himself from further handling Dasuki’s trial after DSS’ arrest


Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, has excused himself from continuing with the case between the Deparment of State Services and Sambo Dasuki, former National Security Adviser. Ademola cited allegation of receiving bribe from Dasuki by the DSS as his reason for withdrawing from handling the case.

He announced this in court on Tuesday when the matter came up for hearing in his court.

The Cable reported an exchange between Justice Ademola and Sambo Dasuki in court, wherein he was asking the defendant if he gave him any bribe money either directly or through proxy, to which Dasuki responded in the negative, stating that he never knew the judge until his matter came up in the judge’s court.

Here’s The Cable’s report:

When Dasuki’s case was called, Ademola addressed Dapo Okpeseyi, the prosecution, and Adedayo Adedeji, counsel to Dasuki, ‎before announcing his decision to withdraw from the case.

“I’m sure you are conversant with what is going on the last seven days. One of the allegations being made against me is that I received some money from Sambo Dasuki,” he said.

“This is the allegation of the DSS. I thought I should tell the counsel what is being said. Before I announce my decision let me ask the defendant (Dasuki) some questions.”

Ademola and Dasuki then had a dialogue that went as follows:

Ademola: Do you know me at all?

Dasuki: Before I came to this court, not at all.

Ademola: Did you at any time give me money?

Dasuki: Not that I am aware of.

Ademola: Did you send your lawyers to give me money‎?

Dasuki: Not at all.

Ademola: Did you give money to any of my relatives‎?

Dasuki: Not at all, maybe the DSS alleging that did.”

Justice Adeniyi Ademola was one of the seven judges whose homes were raided by operatives of DSS between the night of Friday October 7 and early hours of Saturday October 8. They were arrested and taken into custody by the security agency, but later released on bail based on self-recognition.

The DSS claimed it found large sums of cash in the homes of some of the judges, including Ademola.

It is expected that the DSS will proceed with the arraignment of the judges soon.



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