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Nigeria’s glorious destiny (3)

By Moses aransiola

THIS is the inevitable lot of any nation that contributes significantly to the global economy. Contributor nations are celebrated globally. Everybody wants to visit these nations either for business, leisure, study or just to see what life is like there. All around the world, people will do anything to get into America, France, Britain, and Germany.
The duration and longevity of each of these seven phases is not under the control of any man; it is determined by the divine hands of God. However, the duration of each phase can be influenced by righteousness, prayer, hard work or sin. If sin persists, a nation can remain in a phase, particularly the tribulation phase, for a long time. Going by this analysis, we can say that Nigeria currently is in the tribulation phase. Only God can determine for how long the tribulation will last. Nevertheless, as we apply prayer, hard work, integrity and sacrifice we trust God to shorten our stay in this Babylonian captivity phase. This is what informs our commitment to prayer and righteousness.
In the experience of Israel of old, the nation was to spend 400years in bondage. Owing to collective apathy and failure to pray, the nation spent 430years in Egyptian bondage. Similarly, the Jews were to spend 70years in Babylonian exile; but they spent about 71years, which could have been longer, had Daniel not started praying at the tail end of the 70th year into the 71st year. These examples show that each phase of national development, particularly the tribulation phase, can be lengthened or shortened by sin, righteousness, hard work and prayer. The pendulum swings one way or the other, depending on the moral disposition of the people.
God usually gives all nations of destiny three major instruments for destiny expression and prophecy fulfilment. These are great resources, great graces and great influences.
All the afore-mentioned nations are blessed with amazing resources to enable them prosecute the divine agenda for humanity. They are all blessed with human resources, mineral resources, natural resources, technological resources and, of course, financial resources.
Secondly, God grants great graces, which translate to the anointing and spiritual power to carry out their national prophetic mission. It is evident that these special nations stand out among the rest of the nations of the world in producing outstanding men of God who are global ministry icons both in the secular and clerical duties. Great Britain boasts of men like John Wesley, Evans Roberts, William Booth, John Calvin, Smith Wigglesworth, and William Wilberforce – men who fought against oppression and slavery and men of God who influenced the world with the gospel. In the US, men like William Seymour, Jonathan Edwards, Charles J. Finney, John G. Lake and, in recent times, Billy Graham, Kenneth E. Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Morns Cerulo and so on, have risen from America. These are men of great spiritual stature. In South Korea, you have David Yonggi Cho. Of course, the Messiah came from Israel, and so too did the patriarchs of faith: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That also is the land of famous King David.
Great influence is the third gift that God gives to the special nations to carry out their mandate. For example, God has made the English language a global language. It is the language of aviation, navigation, science and technology. There is nowhere the English language is not spoken globally. And because of this, the British were able to influence the culture of many nations. Similarly, millions all over the world has accessed the Bible in English language. In the same fashion, the American dollar remains the global currency despite the attempt by China and other big powers to whittle down its influence. There is no nation where the dollar is not accepted. The United States of American also influences the world through its military clout as well as its pop culture and entertainment.
In the case of Nigeria, we influence the world through our population and intellectual power. It is to be noted and to our glory that in every 5 black person in the world is a Nigerian! In all the nations of the world and in any endeavour, you will see Nigerians standing out. Our resilience, our aggressiveness, our undaunted spirit, and our industriousness are blessings and remain a reference point, which other African nations are seriously emulating. Recently, in Howard University, USA, it came to light that out of 100 graduating PhD students with distinctions, about 43 were Nigerians. This was in far away America. The same trend has been recorded in Britain. Nigeria is influencing nations everywhere just through its population. And of course, Nigeria is greatly blessed with mineral resources.
Now, it is imperative at this time to highlight these attributes for the education of Nigerians all over the world. It is commonly said that when the value of a thing is not known or misunderstood, its abuse and misuse are inevitable. Both at home and abroad, you hear Nigerians speaking ill of their own nation, particularly those in the Diaspora. Some of them have sworn never to return to Nigeria.
It is quite possible that they had suffered some traumatic experience before jetting out. Many of such Nigerians are completely ignorant of the fact that Nigeria is a specially chosen nation. Such people base their reaction and utterance on the present circumstances of the nation. Isn’t it a matter of common sense that only trees laden with fruits attract stones and sticks from fruit-eaters? Nobody throws stones at a barren tree. It is ignored.
– Concluded

Revd Dr. Aransiola is the President, Gethsemane Prayer Ministry, National Director, Nigeria Prays

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