Spotify trades users commercials for branded moment video ads


Spotify, the popular digital music service, is getting into the video ad game with a new ad offering called “branded moments.”
Currently, Spotify has 70m free users who it delivers audio commercials to, much like terrestrial radio. Branded moments give those users an alternative: if they watch a branded moment ad, which appears when they first open a playlist, they’ll receive 30 minutes of commercial-free listening.
The branded moments are mobile-centric vertical video ads, and they can be targeted to six categories: chill time, workout, party, dinner, focus and sleep.
According to Danielle Lee, Spotify’s VP of global partnership solutions, “A branded moment is more about reaching users in a specific context. Based on the playlists that they’re activating, we know the moments they are in.”
Bose, for instance, is targeting chill time playlists with a branded moment promoting its headphones. Mike Mangione, Bose’s director of consumer marketing, likes the branded moment concept because it’s less disruptive to the user experience. He told AdAge:
We’re focused on wrapping ourselves around the experience, in the moment. We’re moving away from interruptive ads and actually trying to understand what the user

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