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Amaechi says Wike is a killer as he urges APC faithful to square up to the governor during Rivers rerun elections

Former governor of Rivers State and current Minister of Transport Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi yesterday thoroughly tore into his successor in office, Nyesom Wike, calling him a killer and a thug who is not fit to be governor.  The minister said of Wike; “He loves life and is killing people”.

Amaechi was speaking at an All Progressives Congress (APC) rally in Bera, Gokana Local Government of Rivers State where he went to canvass votes for Magnus Abe, candidate for APC Rivers South East Senatorial zone in the forthcoming election.

According to reports by The Nation, the Minister vowed to resist any form of intimidation from Wike during the election. He promised that his party will match whatever antics and strategies Wike would deploy for the election. The APC, Amaechi boasted, will not take security for granted during the rerun elections.

Then he went the Obasanjo way, declaring that the APC must win at all costs, saying his party cannot afford to lose any seat in the Senatorial district, especially the four Ogoni councils.

The former Rivers governor said the APC will not take security for granted like it did in previous elections in the state.

Amaechi said: “If there is one place that APC shouldn’t campaign, it is Ogoniland but Wike said he must win here. It is not as if he is God. Only God can say that but since he is not God, he will fail. Wike can never be God. The battle is not in Ogoniland but in the Ikwerre and Ahoada axis. So he had better forget here (Ogoniland). He said he will deploy everything. Anything he wants to deploy let him deploy, we will deploy our own.”

Alluding to the United States presidential election which threw up Donald Trump as president which Amaechi blamed on the refusal of Democrats to come out and vote, the former governor advised his party members not to behave like the Democrats. He said: “Do not behave like democrats who went to sleep. Come out and vote.”

He continued; “The past elections, we took security for granted. This time, we will not take security for granted. If Wike likes, let him come out. At all times he had come out I used to ask does this man remember that he is a governor? It is only a thug that can stand in front of a Judge’s gate to be struggling with security men, only a thug. A governor will go back to his house and call the President. When SSS invaded the presidential lounge of Akwa Ibom state government, what the governor did was to call the President.”

“Instead of Wike to call the President, he was struggling with security men.

“In all the fight I had with the federal government under former President Jonathan, nobody saw me physically battling with anybody.

“When I became governor, there were many people appointed by Dr. Peter Odili.

“There were so many businesses by Odili people. I didn’t stop any. Wike is indeed a thug, not a governor.

“He doesn’t know what it takes to govern. The only way to show him that is in this election.

“After this election, he will not come this way again.”

“I will urge all of you if anybody threaten you, please threaten back because all Wike does is to come on the radio and you are scared.

“What are you scared of? ‘Oh they are rigging, oh I will you kill John,‘ ‘I will kill you this and that’. He will kill nobody,

“Wike ran away when armed robbers came to attack him at Garrison sometimes back, meaning that he loves his life. He loves live and is killing people.”


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