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Plans to sell NNPC on ◉ Comey caused my loss to Trump – Hillary ◉ Nigeria female team battered 6-0 by Japan ◉ Is building 90 mosques Jigawa’s answer to recession? ◉ Nigeria Trash Algeria 3-1 In World Cup Qualifier ◉ Super Eagles to face Egypt in January ◉ Again US blocks Nigeria from buying aircraft ◉ It’s a lie, Boko Haram didn’t get money from us – Garba Shehu ◉ ‘You don’t get to define what racism is.’ – Chimamanda trains white mag editor

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Plans to sell NNPC on
Comey caused my loss to Trump – Hillary
Nigeria female team battered 6-0 by Japan
Is building 90 mosques Jigawa’s answer to recession?
Nigeria Trash Algeria 3-1 In World Cup Qualifier
Super Eagles to face Egypt in January
Again US blocks Nigeria from buying aircraft
It’s a lie, Boko Haram didn’t get money from us – Garba Shehu
‘You don’t get to define what racism is.’ – Chimamanda trains white mag editor

Nigeria Plans Sale of NNPC, Oil Sector Reforms

From oilprice.com: Nigeria has come up with a plan to reform its oil sector by giving
NNPC a much-needed makeover with the ultimate aim of listing it on the stock exchange.

The reforms, which the ministry of petroleum released late on Thursday, come in the wake
of accusations that its energy sector is rife with mismanagement and corruption.
Nigeria’s oil industry has been the target of militant groups on at least a weekly basis,
and accusations have been made as to NNPC officials stealing oil and selling it out of

While the corruption charges have been lingering for years, the Minister of State for
Petroleum Resources Dr Ibe Kachikwu has said that corruption in its oil and gas industry
“was overblown.”
As a result of a general lack of acknowledgement that a problem with the country’s oil
and gas industry indeed exists, the nation’s oil-sector problems—which clearly do exist—
have not been properly addressed. This new plan to reform the sector seeks to change

The proposed reforms, according to Reuters, aims to end Nigeria’s reliance on oil
exports, and instead, looks at shifting toward a “gas-based industrial economy,” adding
that the oil sector needs to be reformed.

The plan also acknowledges the fact that additional reserves need to be found and brought
into production—something that Nigeria has found difficult to do amid the tumultuous
state that many foreign firms find themselves in while operating in country.
The plan’s hope is to ramp up Nigeria’s oil production to 2 million barrels per day—up
from the latest figure of 1.62 million barrels per day—by way of running NNPC more like a
private company rather than an inefficient state-run entity.

While the ministry intends to consult with lawmakers about the path that lies ahead for
the oil industry, some parliament members object to the notion of selling oil assets to
raise money, so there is work yet to be done.

Critics of the plan also pointed out deficiencies in the plan’s specifics—another
potential stumbling block for Nigeria tightening up its oil belt.

The reforms also target Nigeria’s refinery sector and more clearly defines responsibility
when it comes to oil spills and pollution.

From BBC News, Trump election: Clinton blames defeat on FBI director

Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile
Hillary Clinton has blamed her defeat in the US presidential election on interventions by
the FBI director.
James Comey’s announcement of a new inquiry into her use of email while secretary of
state shortly before election day had stopped her campaign’s momentum, Mrs Clinton said.
The Democratic candidate was speaking to top party donors in a phone call, which was
leaked to the media.
Protests are continuing against the victory of her rival, Donald Trump.
In New York, about 2,000 marchers headed for the skyscraper where the president-elect
lives, shouting “not my president”.
Anti-Trump activists have held daily protests in US cities since his election victory was
confirmed on Wednesday.
Mr Trump seems to be rowing back on some of his campaign pledges. Having promised to
scrap President Barack Obama’s healthcare law dubbed “Obamacare”, he now says he is open
to leaving intact key parts of the act.
Asked by the Wall Street Journal whether he would implement a promise to appoint a
special prosecutor to investigate Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email server while
secretary of state, he listed healthcare, jobs, border control and tax reform as greater
The Republican is due to be sworn in on 20 January, taking over from Mr Obama, who will
have completed two terms in office.
Mrs Clinton, who served as Mr Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, has been
keeping a low profile since conceding victory.
On 28 October, Mr Comey informed Congress that the FBI was examining newly discovered
emails sent or received by Mrs Clinton, thus reviving an investigation which had been
completed in July.
Then, on 6 November, two days before the election, Mr Comey announced in a second letter
that he was standing by his original assessment – that Mrs Clinton should not face
criminal charges.
“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Mrs Clinton told
the donors on a farewell conference call on Saturday.
“But our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless,
proven to be, stopped our momentum. We dropped, and we had to keep really pushing ahead
to regain our advantage.”
According to US media, she added that Mr Comey’s later recommendation that she should
face no charges had energised Mr Trump’s supporters.
Her campaign team said that despite Mrs Clinton being cleared of criminal behaviour, the
move only revived Mr Trump’s claim that the Democratic candidate was being protected by a
rigged system.
Despair and anger
The New York marchers rallied in Union Square Park for the march to Trump Tower, from
which the next president has been planning the transition to his inauguration.
One organiser of the New York protest, Kenneth Shelton, told the BBC that it was not an
attempt to challenge the legitimacy of Tuesday’s election. “We lost,” he admitted.
Placards at the demonstration express despair and anger, the BBC’s Paul Adams says.
One read “Trump: An American Tragedy” while the message on another read “Now We’re Your
“He made American hate again,” read one protester’s sign
“We must unite despite our differences to stop HATE from ruling the land,” organisers of
the New York protest wrote on Facebook. Demonstrations in the city earlier this week drew
thousands of people.
Similar demonstrations were also held in Los Angeles and Chicago on Saturday.
On Friday demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, turned violent and one person was shot but
most rallies have passed off peacefully.

From le Globaliste, Nigeria Trash Algeria 3-1 In World Cup Qualifier

President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday night congratulated the Super Eagles on their
outstanding 3-1 victory over Algeria in the African qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in
Russian Federation. Mikel admitted that Algerian played “a nice game” but the Eagles
utilized all their chances to win the match. Whilst Jon Obi Mikel scored a rare goal to
put Nigeria 2-0 up. Nabil Bentaleb pulled one back for Algeria in the second half but
Victor Moses’s 2nd goal of match wrapped up all three points for the Super Eagles. A 1-1
draw between Cameroon and Zambia in the other match in Group B means the Super Eagles are
four points clear after two games. Algeria were perhaps unlucky to not score more than
just the one goal, but with both defenses capable of conceding at any moment, their
finishing lacked the cutting edge of Nigeria’s.

Times of India’s version of the win is headlined: Chelsea stars lead Nigeria past Algeria

Victor Moses scored twice while Chelsea teammate John Obi Mikel was also on target as
Nigeria downed Algeria 3-1 to stay on course for the World Cup finals on Saturday.
Nigeria have a perfect six points from two games in Group B, four ahead of Cameroon who
drew 1-1 at home to Zambia.

And in another soccer encounter in this case the female contest, Nigeria battered 6-0 by
Japan in U20 World Cup clash

Nigeria crashed to a humiliating 6-0 loss to Japan in their opening FIFA U20 Women’s
World Cup game in Papua New Guinea Sunday.

In the other Group B match, Spain beat Canada 5-0.

Japan simply outclassed Nigeria’s Falconets, who have reached the final of the last two
editions of this competition.

Nigeria goalkeeper Sandra Chichi, who also featured at the 2014 tournament, was

Japan led 2-0 at halftime, before they turned on the heat in the second by firing four
more goals including an own goal by Mary Ologbosere.

Their next match is on Wednesday against Canada.

Also on soccer, Premium Times reports Nigeria Super Eagles to face Egypt

The Nigeria national men’s football team, the Super Eagles, will play a high profile
friendly game against their Egyptian counterparts early in 2017.
The Technical Adviser for the Super Eagles, Genort Rohr, gave this indication in Uyo
after the national team secured victory over Algeria in a World Cup qualifying match.
The Franco-German tactician said among other things, the friendly against Egypt fixed for
Dubai in 2017 will avail him the chance to assess the home-based players.

From GhanaStar, About Nigeria’s Economic Recession

The Jigawa state government has just announced a major state development project: the
construction of ninety mosques; three in each of the constituencies. One assumes that
this project is a way that the government wants to use to show the people of Nigeria and
the world how it is developing the state and using its resources!

Personally, I cannot imagine that this wasteful scheme is being executed under the watch
of President Muhammadu Buhari who came to power promising to tackle corruption and curb
the misuse of state funds.

Actually, because it has to do with Islam, I do not expect anybody not even President
Buhari, or our Emir of Kano to be critical of this project. I do not expect all those who
have, in recent years, decried the poverty and marginalization of northern Nigeria by
past governments to oppose this scheme. Definitely, I do not expect any of the anti-
corruption or change-begins-with-me campaigners to raise a voice or question the
justification of using state money to build mosques at a time Nigeria is in recession.

In fact, I do not see the EFCC investigating this project or going after the governor or
at least try stopping the government from going ahead with this crazy program.

Yes, it is completely insane for the government of Jigawa and in fact any government in
Nigeria to imagine using state money to build mosques at this time. It is a clear
indication of how much the government has gotten wrong its priority. It is a
demonstration of lack of commitment to improving the welfare of the people

Time and again, the Buhari-led government has said that they did not have money to pay
the salary of workers, or to repair the roads, improve power supply, put in place poverty
alleviation schemes and embark on critical infrastructural development. In fact, the
government is trying to secure loans for development projects. And now a state government
is opening inviting companies to come and bid for the construction of mosques, of mosques
not schools, not hospitals, not rails, yes of mosques.

I mean what is wrong with us as people and as a nation? When are we going to wake up from
this slumber? When are going to stop making ourselves a laughing stock? What kind of
impression do we think that people will have of Nigeria when they hear that a state
government wants to build mosques when the country is in recession and is trying to
borrow money from China? What happened to our political intelligence? If Jigawa has money
to build mosques in different constituencies, why not use it to pay workers or provide
free education programs to youths and students in the state? Why not use the money to
support and subsidize business and entrepreneurial schemes?

I mean, how is the construction of mosques a development priority in a state like Jigawa?
In fact, what is the developmental value of such a project? Who will be employed in these
mosques? Imams? What will they be doing? Organizing prayers? How is conducting prayers
going to add to the GDP of people in Jigawa? How will it help reduce the poverty and grow
the economy in the region?

Is it the duty of state governments to build places of worship for Muslims? Again
embarking on such a venture, is it not officially funding the promotion of Islam and then
discriminating against Nigerians in the state who profess others religions or none? Are
muslims in the state complaining that they do not have places of worship? Even if there
are such complaints, is it not the business of such muslims to construct their own places
of worship? How is that the business of the state to build mosques?

So in a country that is hit by a recession, using state money to construct mosques is
utterly irresponsible. It does not make economic or political sense. It does not make
constitutional sense. Yes, it is like fiddling while Rome burns!

From The Punch, Boko Haram: US blocks Nigeria from buying aircraft from Brazil

Strong indications have emerged that the United States has again blocked the Federal
Government from acquiring fighter ground attack aircraft considered crucial in the
ongoing campaign against Boko Haram in the North-East.

Investigations showed that the US has prevented the military from acquiring the A-29
Super Tucano light attack aircraft from Brazil.

A Presidency source said on Saturday that Nigeria and Brazil were almost striking a deal
on the acquisition of the light attack aircraft when the US, which produced the aircraft,
prevented the deal.

It was gathered that the leadership of the Armed Forces had taken a decision to replace
the ailing Alpha jet platform of the Nigerian Air Force with the newer A-29 Super Tucano.

The source said that the Brazilians, who were initially enthusiastic about the deal,
suddenly became reluctant.

The source added the US had told the Brazilians, who acquired 99 of the aircraft from the
US firm, Embraer Defence System, that the aircraft deal be put on hold due to human
rights issues involving the military.

The US had blocked the immediate past administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan from
acquiring Boeing CH-47 Chinok helicopters from Israel in January 2015 purportedly due to
human rights issues involving the military.

Like the case of the A-29 Super Tucano, the Boeing CH-47 Chinok helicopters were produced
by US firms and could only be sold with approval by the Americans.

The latest development has dimmed indications that the US was relaxing the arms embargo
on the country with the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

From Premium Times, Presidency Refutes Report That Chibok Girls’ Release Reinvigorated
Boko Haram

The presidency has said over the past few days, some newspaper reports ascribing the
recent terrorist attacks in Borno state to the government’s negotiation of the release of
21 Chibok girls, with a particular report alleging the exchange of $21m for the girls are
false and should be disregarded by members of the public.

The presidency described this loose talk as journalism at its most irresponsible and
its most dismaying.

In a statement by the senior special assistant media to the President, Garba Shehu said
as a responsible government that is run on the basis of the constitution and budgets duly
appropriated by the National Assembly, they have no such money under any allocation to
pay out this outrageous sum of money as ransom.
“Beyond the call of journalism, the newspaper making this charge has a national duty to
point how and where this money was paid, and to supply leads as to where the “powerful
weapons” were bought by the terrorists, Shehu said.

He recalled that from the inception of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, the
media, local and international groups, have persistently pressured the government to do
everything possible to facilitate the release of the Chibok girls.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Shuts Down Robert Emmett Tyrrell’s Explanation Of Racism On BBC Newsnight
From The Huffington Post UK

A Nigerian novelist told a white, American magazine editor that he did not get to “define
what racism is” when the two got into a heated row over Donald Trump’s rhetoric during
his presidential campaign.

On Friday’s BBC Newsnight programme Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie told Robert Emmett Tyrrell,
editor-in-chief of The American Spectator, that racism is an “objective reality” which
the president-elect has “inhabited”.

Tyrrell claimed Trump “hasn’t been racist”.

Adichie replied: “I’m sorry but. if you are a white man, you don’t get to define what
racism is, you really don’t.

“You don’t get to sit there and say he hasn’t been racist when he objectively has.

“And it’s not about your opinion. Racism is an objective reality and Donald Trump has
inhabited that reality.”

Tyrrell retorted: “Do you know of the false consciousness which is a theory you are
talking about is a Marxist concept?

“In other words, I can’t even open my mouth here because I am a white male.”

Adichie said: “No, of course you can. I am just saying to you that Donald Trump has shown
us and has said things that are objectively racist.”

When Tyrrell asked what Trump had said that is racist, Adichie replied: “If he says to
us, for example, that a judge – a United States judge – is unable to judge him fairly
because he is Mexican, that is racist – objectively racist.”
Adichie’s appearance on BBC Newsnight was widely-praised on social media.


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Obaseki only a Caretaker Governor, I will reclaim my mandate – Ize-Iyamu
God using Buhari to punish Nigerians for past mistakes, recklessness – Archbishop
MISSING CHARITY AIYEDOGBON: Ex-Husband sues Lagos Lawyer, Ugwuonye for 10 billion Naira
Questions, As APC Delves Into Ondo Guber Campaign Without ‘Big Guns’
APC, PDP And Prospects Of A Third Force
We Are Determined To Improve The Image Of The Police
$29.9b loan: Buhari’s aides incompetent, says Senate
Blood transfusion unsafe, expensive – Experts
Buhari to attend climate change conference in Morocco
Jimoh Ibrahim should provide evidence that I called him — Ondo REC
Trump, aides plan next moves as protests spread
Concerns as Senate delays Magu’s appointment for five months
Nigeria to become a major rice exporter soon, says Ogbeh
Trump’s victory portends global uncertainty10-year-old girl tortured for cheating in
test: ‘Proprietress locked me up for two weeks, her assistant dipped my head in water
After 85th Interpol General Assembly: IGP to host next meeting of West-African Police
We will not allow you to destroy Tinubu’s plans – Protesters warn APC Chieftains
God is Using Buhari to Punish Nigerians – Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma
Buhari heads to Morocco
Mikel Presents new Super Eagles Jersey to Senator Godswill Akpabio
Gombe State Governor appoints 123 Personal Assistants
Corruption Affects The Fight Against Terrorism – Interpol
I will create 200,000 jobs for Edo people in four years – Governor Obaseki
I am not Nnamdi Kanu’s Counsel – Actor Kenneth Okonkwo
You can’t browbeat me into tearing my green card – Soyinka tells Nigerians
Nigeria: Dangote Develops Strategy for Eradication of Malaria
CBN, IFAD seek to expand rural financial inclusion
Buhari hails ‘Improved’ Super Eagles
70,000 Women Benefit from 2nd Phase of Ondo Food Palliative Programme
Buhari’s Silence on Budget Padding Worrying – Abdulmumin Jibrin
Tears as Gunmen Kill two People in Anambra
Siasia applauds Rohr’s winning streak
CHIBOK GIRLS RELEASE | No Ransom paid – Presidency Insists
Crude oil: Niger Delta people must have a say on their oil — Okocha
INVESTIGATION: How Visafone conned 2,000 workers into mass resignation before MTN
Nigeria Plans Sale of NNPC, Oil Sector Reforms
Amnesty Office to expel beneficiaries involved in electoral violence
Troops invade Gbaramatu, ransack four communities
Obaseki takes over in Edo, pledges to fulfil campaign promises
Makarfi: Blame Sheriff for deepening crisis in PDP
Alliance for Democracy ratifies Oke for Ondo governorship
Ooni, Jonathan, Gowon, Jega for NOA, Bridge Builders Award
NDIC warns against patronising wonder banks
Imo earmarks 14 billion Naira for rural roads rehabilitation
FRSC pegs Speed Limit at 80-120Kph for trucks, cars
Mimiko to commission more Mega Schools
Senate: Digging in to contain executive sloppiness, rascality
Mafoluku: Host of ugly streets with clogged drains
Mulling final onslaught on Boko Haram
Chibok girls: Report on $21m ransom, loose talk – Presidency
Presidency Refutes Report That Chibok Girls’ Release Reinvigorated Boko Haram
Edo: Obaseki Takes Over, Promises 200, 000 Jobs In 4 years
Lagos is home to those who can dream big – Ambode
Kidnapped clergyman: We’re making efforts to rescue him alive – Oyo CP
Markafi: On Ondo, INEC is being insincere
Ogun Government, workers face off: The politics behind the scene
World Pneumonia Day: Group canvasses increased emphasis on prevention
Akujor insists on astronomy in Education
Mimiko talks tough: ‘INEC’S substitution of Jegede with Jimoh Ibrahim is a joke from hell
Farmers count losses after herdsmen onslaughts
Enthusiasts brainstorm on future of Africa’s cocoa research
Buhari Moves to Reset Relationship with Saraki, Senate Leadership
Weak Ruling Party, Fractured Opposition Rob Nigerians of Democracy Benefits
FG to List NNPC on Stock Exchange after Restructuring
Development Bank Takes Off in January, Says Adeosun
Fresh moves to strengthen LG administration
IPOB raises alarm over US plan to deploy 500 drones to South-south, South-east
World Diabetes Day: Health expert urges FG to lead diet revolution campaign
Nnamdi Kanu congratulates Trump, assures of Biafra’s support
Wike alleges plot to arrest Rivers chief judge
Benue’s Needless Agriculture Holiday
Obaseki: I’ll deliver on my promises
The Unending Controversies over INEC’s Substitution of PDP Candidate
Ambode: Our Reforms Aimed at Securing the Future of Lagos
God using Buhari to punish Nigerians – Archbishop Chukwuma
Marginalisation: Supporters hold rally for Tinubu in Lagos
The Yoruba’s Precarious Future in Nigeria
Trump victory: US-African free trade faces threat
Police arrest two men for killing their mothers
Give Buhari a chance to end Niger Delta crisis – Clark
Again, Soldiers Invade Tompolo’s Community, in Search of Militants
Jtf Arrests Three Suspects, Rescues 12 From Kidnappers
Jegede: Mimiko Has No Pact With Other Parties, Says Pdp
Kidnappers of Methodist priest yet to make contact – Bishop
Notorious robbery gang leader killed in Ibadan
Buhari bereft of ideas – Fayose
Minister faults governors delaying council polls
Trump: I didn’t give fixed date for tearing my green card – Soyinka
Terror Threat: Aviation Security Personnel to Bear Arms


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