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The Mis-Education -By Isa Eneye

What is happening in Nigeria today is truly astonishing. In a society that prides itself on its preference for facts over hearsay, on its openness to research, and on its respect for “expert” opinion, parents, educators, administrators, and legislators are ignoring the facts, the research, and the expert opinion on our educational system, about how young children learn and how best to teach them.

Our government has taken our educational system as a playhouse and forgetting the blessed words of Malcolm X “education is the passport to the future… for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” How do we expect this nation to move forward when the so called leaders of tomorrow are being miseducated. Our institutions are ill equipped, our laboratories are not up to date. A science student sees a microscope in awe not having proper access to it. We are taught to know what has already been discovered, we are not taught to discover, atleast to be research minded.

Let’s take out situation in Africa generally as a study case, We (Africans) as a people has been brainwashed to believe we are inferior. We are thought to believe our history started from slavery and before then, we walk naked in the jungle.
There are things that schools will never teach a Black child. It is the responsibility of the Black community to teach these things to a Black child. Schools will not teach Black Consciousness to a Black child. They will never prescribe books by Aime Cessaire or Frantz Fanon. They will never teach that astrology, numerology, cryptology and other sciences originated in Africa. From day one in school, we are thought about our colonial masters how they supposedly developed Africa. Most Nigerians do not know our rich history before the colonial era. We all assumed our history started from the colonial era, whereas our history was interrupted by colonialism.

In Nigeria today we go to school follow some tedious syllabuses and finish school without deeper understanding. We are thought in school to believe we are here to earn a living and die rather than to improve life better than the way we met it.

An average Nigerian will go through school with thorough knowledge of theories but cant apply them practically. This is partly if not totally the fault of our so called leaders and politicians. While they send their children abroad for better and quality education. They jeopardize and cripple our educational system, embezzle our educational funds. Then when the children of this so called Elites finished from their prestigious university abroad with first class they come back to the country and hold high positions in companies, government institution or even a federal appointment as we see today. The popular saying ‘the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer’ comes to mind.

Lack of foresight is the only justification to the callous nature of our greedy politicians not empowering our educational system. I’m often worried about how the future will pan out with the crop of people being raised in the country at the moment. I’m worried not only for the future of the country but also for the people as I foresee a form of intellectual servitude to expatriates if things don’t change. It could be argued that this is already happening as more and more companies are recruiting Nigerians abroad to key corporate and public positions, a phenomenon that puts homegrown graduates in the long grass.

The world is fast developing in every aspect and sectors and the developed countries has always taken the education system with utmost priority. The foresight our leaders lacked. I fear a time might come when our beloved nation will be too backward (if not already) due to our lack of foresight, greed, corruption and miseducation. And the lack of the ability to see the greater good.

Until we are able to prepare our youngsters by giving them quality education and empowering our educational system, I’m afraid we’ll one day lose our relevance as the heart of the continent or the world at large. Our success educationally, industrially and politically is based upon the protection of a nation founded by ourselves. And the nation can be nowhere else but in Africa.

Practically all of the successful black people in this Continent are of the uneducated type or that of the people who had no formal education at all. The large majority of the black people who have put finishing touches of our best colleges are all but worthless in the development of their people.

Therefore, the responsibility of the parents goes beyond sending their children to school. Parents must also teach their children things that they will never encounter in school curricula, things which will instill in their children a sense of pride that will make them grow up with the knowledge that their humanity is not inferior.

There are two types of education, formal and informal. While formal is obtained through schools, informal is acquired passively through society and family. Both types are important for the formation of a complete person. Attempting to arrest the problem after university or with youth empowerment programmes is too late; what we need is a comprehensive educational strategy that ensures every child has a good grounding in life. This policy will also include a complete strategy to train skilled artisans in plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, tailoring, building, motor mechanic etc.
We also need visionary leaders to make this happen. After all, a Black person who is educated only in a classroom or lecture hall is an uneducated person.

By Isa Eneye Mubarak
Tweets @isamubi3

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