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Meet Emir of Kano’s incredibly beautiful 19-year-old wife (photos)

When you meet people like Sa’adatu, it is easy to believe beauty resides in a specific place. We understand beauty is lurked in every corner of the world but glancing at this majestic queen has us thinking she has enveloped every form of beauty in every fiber of her being. Don’t crack your head too much, all we are saying is: she’s more beautiful than words can express.

Sa’adatu Lamido is the daughter of the late Lamido of Adamawa, Muhammady Barkindodo-Mustadafa. As part of the royal family, she was mandated to be joined in marriage to the current Emir of Kano- Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. As a well brought up princess, she became the third wife of the emir in secret ceremony held in Yola at the age of 18.

The queen is currently enrolled at an undergraduate program with a university in the UK where she is studying computer science. She is set to complete her degree in 2019, when she will turn 21 and her marriage to the emir will be fully effective.

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Pending when she will mother a prince of pure royal blood, here are pictures of the amazingly gorgeous queen that will make you fall in love.

1. All smiles

sadaatu Sanusi

Such innocence in her smile. It is heart-warming.

2. Innocent beauty

sadaatu Sanusi

Modest and yet drop dead gorgeous.

3.Queen Sadaatu

sadaatu Sanusi

Dazzling beauty, we bet her kids will look like heaven.

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4. Angel eyes

sadaatu Sanusi

That has to be the prettiest set of lips you ever saw.

5. Pretty in purple

sadaatu Sanusi

Myau kai.

6. Rouge affair

sadaatu Sanusi

With her, less is more.

7. Natural beauty

sadaatu Sanusi

The power of red lipstick.

8. Damzel

sadaatu Sanusi

Every ounce of of cuteness.

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9. Breathtakingly gorgeous

sadaatu Sanusi

We present to you beauty in its undiluted form.



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