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This couple’s wedding cake will make you laugh till you cry (photo)

Every woman dreams of having a ‘talk of the town’ wedding, but this couple have raised the stakes.

At the age of 15, most girls already have their ‘dream wedding’ planned. From ‘Prince Charming’ to the colour of the day, to the wedding venue, and even down to what their dream wedding dress would look like.

Most people even go as far as saving pictures of their dream cake (do they ever end up using same designs?).

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When the day eventually arrives several years later, some may have settled for someone who doesn’t look anything like their idea of Prince Charming. They still go ahead with it anyway, vowing to ‘love unconditionally, in recession and in plenty‘.

The couple below show that you don’t have to spend lavishly on your wedding when Prince Charming eventually shows up.

They were seen posing for a picture during what appears to be a traditional wedding, and instead of the usual cake most people use, the couple posed with a calabash full of jollof rice and what seems to be dried fish.

wedding cake wahala

Couple pose with jollof rice

Na wa oo. Na recession cause this one?



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