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13 things only Nigerians mothers are capable of doing

Nigeria mothers can be really funny but they are easy to relate with unlike fathers.

Below are some funny habits of Nigerian mothers.

1. When you are wrong and say “Mummy, I am sorry!! And she replies, sorry for yourself!


No matter how sorry you are and apologize to your mother, she will still tell you their normal word “sorry for yourself”.

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2. When you ask her where you should drop something and she says, ” drop it on my head

meme (2)

When you ask your mother where to drop something, she will tell you to drop it on her head.

3. When she brings food wrapped in a nylon bag from a friend’s daughter’s wedding


Mothers always think of their children. When they go for parties, they never forget to bring take away for the children.

4. When you say “Mummy, I have fever and she replies you, why won’t you have fever when you press phone every night

meme (7)

Not like they don’t care down in the depth of their heart oooo, but they will look for something to attach your sickness with.

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5. When you say Mummy I took 2nd in my class and she replies, so the person that took first has two heads abii???

meme (6)

When you come home with your result and expect her to say well done, she would rather scold you.

6. When she takes the DSTV remote to work just to punish you

meme (5)

Our mothers are really quite funny, having nothing to do with the remote, they will make sure they take it to their office to punish you for whatever you must have done wrong.

7. When you are watching TV with her and she sleeps off and still doesn’t want you to change the channel

meme (10)

While watching television, you dare not change the channel when she sleeps off because she will wake up from sleep just to tell you that you shouldn’t change the station.

8. When you tell her you are going to a friends place to play and she asks, ” when last did that friend come here to play with you?

meme (3)

After a long day at home, you decided to go and visit your friend and tell mummy about it, she will ask when that friend of yours came to visit you last.

9. When she tells you, if I hear peeem, you will hear weeen

meme (9)

After scolding or flogging you, they expect you not to cry.

11. When she tells you, I didn’t kill my mother, so you will not kill me!!

meme (8)

Any small thing you do to her she will tell you she did not kill her mother so you cannot kill her.

12. When she calls you from your room upstairs and then sends you back upstairs to bring her purse.

meme (12)

She calls you to bring something that she can easily have told you to bring from where she called you, only for her to send you back there again.

13. When you ask her to refund the money she borrowed from you and she tells you, “All the food you have been eating in the house nko?

meme (4)

Mother’s have this way of borrowing money with pity face and will tell you they will return it as soon as they get whatever they are expecting. My dear, just forget it because when you ask them for that money, they will ask you about how you have been eating in the house. So, when your mum tells you that she wants to borrow money from you, just know you are not getting it back.

Our Mothers are wonderful… Lol..



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