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Armed and ready: Indian woman takes to the streets the gun to get justice for rape victims

An Indian woman, Shahana Begum, determined to take on rapists in her village, takes to the streets the gun in hand. Begum reportedly forced many men to marry their victims and others to confess to the police.

The 42-year-old patrols her village with the shotgun. Whenever she hears of any rape case, she does not wait for the police to intervene, she acts herself, armed and ready to get justice.


The villagers call her the Aunt With a Gun. She lost her husband 17 years ago and she got a shotgun out of fear that she will be assaulted. “My gun is now my second husband,” she said.

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Many girls who have been raped prefer to report to Begum who is able to force the rapist to marry their victims, which is considered a fair outcome in their society.

Due to her efforts, incidents of sexual assaults have reduced in her village.


She had never had to use her weapon before but she is prepared to. “I know that if I have to shoot someone it’s because they’ve done something dreadful to a woman,” she said.

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Now she goes to other towns to get justice. Many believe she is better than the police. She is direct, no-nonsense and passionate.

“I will fight for the protection of women until my last breath,” she says.



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