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Donald Trump is not an American? See evidence (photos)

A news channel has released photo evidence, claiming that the newly elected president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is not an American by birth.

The Pakistan Neo News channel released a picture of a young boy which they claim was taken several years ago, when Donald Trump was a young Pakistani child.

donald trump pakistan

News channel claims Donald Trump is from Pakistan

The news channel claims that Trump who is known for his strong stance against immigrants in the US, was actually born in the year 1946, in a town called Waziristan. They also claim his real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan.

According to their reports, Trump was raised in Waziristan where he also received his childhood education for about 11 years, till he was adopted by an American family after his Pakistani parents reportedly died.

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donald trump pakistani

Donald Trump’s alleged real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan

The report which was shared weeks before Trump was announced president, claims “Presidential candidate Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and not in America.”

They also claimed they were not the original source of the story, claiming to have based the story on a tweet. They also received serious backlash for putting out what the locals termed as disreputable news.

Na wa oo! World people.



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