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A woodcutter started to take down an old tree… Watch the orange line!

There are many complex and dangerous professions in the world. They are sailors and fishermen who have to fight with the sea every day, and firemen who challenge to a duel the fire element, and high altitude workers, and miners who spend half of their life under the ground. It needs to say that each representative of such professions causes the feeling of very special respect. Not every man will choose such job.

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The top-10 of such professions also includes the woodcutters. Measuring the precise route of the tree fall and cutting it down correctly is a hard row to hoe. Here one needs both strong hands and actively working head! And besides, woodcutter often faces dangers, because trees can be completely unpredictable. Like, for example, the one from this video…

Probably, the spirits of the tree didn’t want it to leave the forest. In any case, this could have ended in tragedy…



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