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Top 8 safe and cheap ways to whiten your teeth at home

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The desire to whiten your teeth at home can cause a lot of troubles. Professional services are extremely expensive and such a procedure may even damage teeth. Whitening kits, which are sold in stores are too expensive, in addition, you can never be completely sure which of them are really effective.

The main drawback of most whitening techniques is that they damage the enamel, making teeth weak and sensitive. Fortunately, there are enough ways to whiten your teeth using natural remedies at home. Moreover, this approach is not only advantageous but also safe enough. Another advantage of these techniques is that they can be used much more often than professional sets, and it takes much less time for bleaching.

What you need to know to whiten teeth at home

In most cases, the procedure is similar to the hair bleaching and is also not useful for health. Therefore, the main task in the application of various tools is to minimize the damage, which may be very harmful. Before home teeth whitening you need to make sure that the enamel is strong and thick enough, so do not do it without the advice of your dentist. Formed (due to various reasons) yellowness should be located mainly on the surface.

Otherwise, any methods used for getting whiteness will not give the expected result. If you want to whiten your teeth, you also need to ensure you are healthy, especially if a cosmetic procedure is going to be performed at home. You should not perform the procedure in the case of certain pathologies of periodontal tissues: the gums, periodontal one, cement, alveolar processes.

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You also should not experiment with your health for the sake of beauty, especially at a particular anomaly eruption of wisdom teeth. Before using this or that home teeth whitening system, it is necessary to perform ‘an audit of the seals’. The fact is that over time microscopic gaps (between the filling and the dental tissue) form, the aggressive bleaching agent can penetrate through them and it will begin to destroy tissue inside the tooth.

After returning of the white enamel a person should not smoke and avoid foods that can change enamel color. It is useful to clean the mouth with a soft bristle brush, since even medium hard bristles may be excessive. In order to maintain the white shade, it is necessary to use special whitening toothpaste. After a few months, the home whitening procedure should be repeated.

Top ways how to whiten your teeth at home fast:

      1. How to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide is one of the affordable, simple and effective ways to whiten the enamel, remove dark patina quickly. This component is part of the various bleaching agents for independent use at home. In addition, some manufacturers of toothpaste add peroxide for the imparting whiteness of the enamel.

Home whitening procedure with peroxide is quite simple:

clean the oral cavity;

dilute 20-30 drops 3% peroxide in 1/2 cup of water, rinse your mouth;

take a cotton swab and carefully wipe each tooth on both sides with undiluted 3% peroxide;

rinse your mouth with water, you can clean it again without toothpaste.

The home procedure allows achieving results in a short time. Do not force the issue (in order to achieve faster whitening effect) cleaning the mouth with undiluted solution. Also, you do not need to use the procedure too often during the day – 1-2 times will be enough. Otherwise, there is a risk of burned gums, damage to the enamel. During the procedure, and some time later, the gums may burn, the teeth will get hypersensitivity.

      1. How to make a snow-white smile using tea tree oil

tee tree oil

You should use 100% oil for home whitening. Initially, the mouth should be cleaned in the usual manner using a brush and toothpaste. Then drop 2-3 drops of oil on the brush and spread it on the tooth surface. During the procedure, the tongue or cheek can numb. At the end of the procedure, the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed. Tea tree oil helps to cope not only with the stale shade of coffee or tea but also with odontolith.

If you whiten your teeth during one week, stoically enduring numbness of the tongue and the sugary taste of oil – you can get the result. Can it be called a real teeth whitening? Yes and no. Yes, because teeth are actually much lighter. No, because they are not pure white. Be ready for this or if you want a shiny Hollywood smile, forget about cigarettes, tea, and coffee. You may notice that your gums have stopped bleeding (if previously it happened sometimes), and odontolith has disappeared too. Most people say they like this technique very much. People usually brush their teeth with tea tree oil once a week, as a preventive measure.

      1. Home whitening using baking soda

baking soda

The basis of this method of whitening is the mechanical removal of formed plaque by using fine abrasive. Soda may be applied on several layers of gauze, which you will use to wipe the teeth surface. The disadvantages of this method are the risk of damage to the gums and excessive thinning of enamel. Soda can be added to your toothpaste in a small amount. In order to avoid negative consequences (even if you have healthy teeth) clean your teeth with soda once a week.

Some other home remedies to whiten teeth

remedies for teeth

– Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and lemon juice, clean the mouth for some time.

– You can try to apply such a remedy to get rid of tooth stains: Mix equal parts of baking soda, vinegar, add a pinch of salt. The mixture is applied on teeth with a brush, after a while, rinse mouth thoroughly. Instead of vinegar, you can also use lemon juice.

– Mix baking soda with lemon juice, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. When cleaning is complete, rinse the mouth.

– Home whitening toothpaste: add baking soda, peroxide, and salt into a small amount of paste.

– You can also add activated carbon powder and lemon juice to your toothpaste.

– In order to achieve the whitening effect, you can clean enamel with fine table salt.

teeth before and after

Cases when it is better to abandon the teeth whitening

Do not strive for perfect whiteness of tooth enamel in the case of:

– hypersensitivity;

– the presence of seals in prominent areas, because they will not be bleached and become visible;

– in the case of a large number of seals;

– allergy to hydrogen peroxide;

– tooth decay or other damage;

– during pregnancy;

– during breastfeeding;

– upon receipt of certain drugs;

– age less than 18 years old.

Preventing browning of tooth enamel

As soon as the teeth are pure white and shiny, you will certainly want to save them like this. Due to the constant using of the natural whitening agent, it becomes quite possible to do that, but there are still some things you should avoid or severely restrict their use. Here are some of the representatives of the ‘black list’:

– Dark carbonated and soft drinks

– Black tea

– Chewing gum

– Dark liquors

– Bilberry

– Coffee

– Citrus

– Abuse of drugs

– Some medicines

– Tomato sauce

– Cigarettes

man with floss

Remember! The best way to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy is to use brush and floss regularly. It prevents stains on the enamel and quickly removes plaque. If you have any serious problem: pain, broken tooth, bleeding or others – you should not do any home remedies, but immediately visit your dentist. Some self-treatment may be very dangerous for your health and even life.

It is always better to have a professional tip in order to save your healthy smile and make it look even more beautiful.



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