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A man found a gigantic egg in his farm. You will not believe what it was!

Antonio Nievas owns a not too large farm in Argentina. One day, while he was taking a walk in his farm he found something really amazing near a river: a gigantic egg. The egg was almost one meter long, it was black e had a rocky structure. The astonished peasant believed he had found a dinosaur egg.


Immediately, a team of scientists came to the scene. But their surprise was even bigger. It turns out it was not a dinosaur egg, but the fossilized remains of a gliptodonte. The gliptodonte was a prehistoric animal very similar to a giant armadillo. It is a belief that this species became extinct during the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago. The gliptodontes were huge in size and some of them were 3 meters long.


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It seems that Antonio found a shell of that animal and after several investigations, some experts established it belonged to a young specimen. Incredibly, the shell is very well preserved after thousand of years. In addition to this, one can clearly see the thousand of bony layers of which it is composed.


Although what Antonio found was not what he expected it to be, it was very important. Many paleontologists are thrilled to have this carcass, so they will be able to investigate it in order to learn more about this extinct species.



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