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Niger Delta group sends STRONG message to Donald Trump

A Niger Delta group under the aegis of Niger Delta Self Determination Movement has expressed implicit confidence in the presidency of Donald Trump, the President elect of the United States of America.

In a statement by Annkio Briggs, a strong Niger Delta activist, and made available to NAIJ.com, the group promised working with Donald Trump with a view to enhancing the rights and liberties of the Niger Delta people, the basic constitutional freedoms which have been deprived the region over the years.

Following the massive support the US President-elect garnered during the election, the group said it is hopeful that the policy of the Donald Trump’s presidency would bring hope to the downtrodden and the oppressed minorities in the world, especially the Niger Delta, a microcosm of the Nigerian state.

 Annkio Briggs is a renowned Niger Delta activist

Ms Annkio Briggs is a renowned Niger Delta activist

Annkio Briggs who has fought oppression in the Niger Delta without fear, noted that the people of the region are peace loving, hence she expressed hope that the emergence of Trump as President of the most powerful nation in the world would help strengthen the fundamental rights of justice, equality and environmental justice for all ethnic minorities across the globe.

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The group which congratulated Trump for winning when many around the world had written him off the victory lane, said Trump emerged at a time when there are grave threats to global peace and security, economic devastation in many countries and renewed agitation for justice, consequently it called on Trump to surmount the political will to reverse the trend and restore confidence in the minds of the ethnic minorities across the globe.

The group which commended the US over its stand on the value of freedom of religion, freedom of belief and freedom to chart a future for oneself, said the US has kept these values for decades even as some dear citizens of the country have died in a bid to protect these core values of the Americans.


Donald Trump

Consequently, the group said “we believe that working with a Trump led presidency, the Niger Delta people can stand up for these values. We hope that the in-coming Republican US government would be disposed to paying attention the trade and investment opportunities that exists in the oil and gas in the most economically viable region of the most populous country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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“The NDSDM believes in intellectual and non-violent engagement at every level and on all issues that affect our people and region. We also believe in the rights of indigenous of the world as enshrined in the United Nations Declarations. We also believe in the readiness of our people to engage in meaningful conversations that would benefit our two countries in the area of equity, justice and fairness to all”.

The group promised to build a robust relationship with the Trump-led Republican Party and all the people of the United States of America, saying the electoral victory of Donald Trump is an inspiration that the Niger Delta struggle would definitely be won.



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