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Power of love: Dead man resurrects to propose to girlfriend (video)

– Man’s proposal video to his girlfriend goes viral

– He pretended to be dead from an accident

– He then jumped up to propose, shocking his girlfriend


The girlfriend believed her BF was dead

When it comes to proposals, women have seen it all and it takes a lot of effort to surprise the one these days. So it came as no surprise when this guy did it Nollywood epic style to propose to his queen.

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A Nigerian pretended to die from a staged accident, shocking his girlfriend who upon hearing the news was devastated and was ready to die with him. See video below.

The pretty lady was crying and heart-broken when she saw her boyfriend lying on the floor, helpless. To her surprise, he jumped up and proposed to her. What type of love do we call this?

couple 1

Man jumping up after faking dead

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couple 2

The GF finally accepts



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