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THIS is the main reason why women don’t want to have daily sex

When we hear the word “hormones,” the first thing that comes to our mind is menopause and its increasing effects on our health. Isn’t it sad? Hormonal changes affect everyone from birth to death, but we usually have a very negative impression when we hear this word.

For women, the most pronounced changes appear after 40 but it may appear even earlier, around the age of 35. Many women have earlier hormonal symptoms that are directly or indirectly related to their diet and lifestyle. In addition, the pollution and toxins we eat are also guilty, since we are constantly exposed to them.

Being able to perceive the symptoms of hormone deregulation is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle because our hormones fulfill essential tasks in all aspects of our well-being. Below are some symptoms that something may be wrong with your hormones.

1. Constant weight gain

If you are having problems with your weight, it might not be related to your diet, it may be one of the signs that you have hormonal deregulation. The so-called stress hormone, cortisol, is secreted by the adrenal glands. A disrupted cortisol production can cause weight gain. The problem also dictates where this weight will be accumulated.

2. Low libido

Low libido can also be one of the signs of hormonal problems. Androgen is produced in the testicles, and for women in the ovaries. The lack of this hormone can cause low libido even in women.

3. Tiredness

Tiredness is another sign, especially if you are sleeping regularly but still waking up tired. The constant state of alertness created by the presence of cortisol causes feelings of stress until the night.

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4. Low self-esteem

A feeling of low self-esteem and bad mood as well as irritability, anxiety, and depression may be caused by the thyroid glands. The reason? Overproduction of TSH hormone through hyperthyroidism.

5. Insomnia or disrupted sleep

Insomnia and disrupted sleep are conditions experienced by women at menopause. They are the result of major changes in the hormonal balance of the body. Unfortunately insomnia and disrupted sleep only make worse the hormonal condition.

6. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is another sign. Women at menopause usually experience episodes of heat. At night, in bed, this is called “night sweats” and is sometimes precursor to the beginning of menopause. In men and women the problem may be in the endocrine system, caused by excess or lack of hormones such as Serotonin.

7. Digestive problems

Woman Suffering From Stomachache At Home
If you are experiencing digestive problems , this might being caused by the deregulation of three hormones in the gastrointestinal system: Gastrin, secretin, and cholecystokinin. These three hormones help to stimulate the digestive process that breaks down food into simple molecules that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

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8. Sugar craving

Another sign of trouble is the desire to eat sugar – another problem caused by the thyroid, usually when there is hypothyroidism; when the gland is less active.

9. Hair Loss

We relate hair loss to lack of testosterone. This is correct but the main culprit seems to be Dihydrotestosterone, DHT. While women have a very low testosterone level, this may be enough to trigger the problem.

We can’t repeat enough that all these symptoms are only facts that we can experience and that may or may not be related to hormonal problems. The best thing to do in these and other situations is to consult a doctor you trust.



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