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What have you noticed here in the first place? The answer can tell something interesting about you!

There is a unique genre in the art, called “vanitas”, where one image is smoothly turning into another, and a spectator cannot really understand when has happened.

Such images are actively used by the psychologists for detection of the hidden sides in a human subconscious. It is important to fix the image you have noticed first. For sure, in some seconds you will discover other images too.

Today, we suggest you to take an interesting test-illusion. Take a look at the next image.

What have you noticed in the first place?


If you have noticed a scalp…

Despite the frightening image, a scalp symbolises a power. You are ready for the new actions and victories. Along with it, you absolutely realise a transience of life, and you know that everything has its ending. You are not focused on material things, you rather value the path but not the result. Because of this very reason, everything turns out for you in the best way. You can achieve a lot if you follow this way.

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If you have noticed a woman…

A woman, who placed her head near her legs, symbolises a tiredness. Probably, you got lost and don’t know what to do next. Take some rest, if it is possible – put aside some businesses. Now you are not the best doer. It would be a good decision to change your environment for a couple of days and save some strengths. It is possible, that there is a person by your side, who takes your energy away. Reconsider your surrounding and do not be afraid of saying “goodbye” to the people who are not as close as they were before.



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