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Senate’s shocking discovery causes panic among ministers, governors

– The Nigerian Senate has discovered what could become a major scandal in Nigeria as it concerns governors and ministers

– The discovery was made by a committee of the Senate which embarked on an oversight function to Lagos state

The discovery of 1,500 exotic cars at a yard in Lagos may have sent cold shivers down the spines of governors and ministers, some of whom have been indicted.

The Senate committee on customs, excise and tariff led by its chairman, Hope Uzodinma, made the discovery when its members visited the Volkswagen Yard, on the Mile 2-Badagry Expressway in Lagos.

Exotic cars were found in the Volkswagen yard in Lagos

Exotic cars were found in the Volkswagen yard in Lagos

The Punch reports that the vehicles had been packed since 2015 and that one of the governors indicted is from the south-east.

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According to the report, the governor, whose name is withheld, owns 15 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) intercepted and impounded by officers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and parked in the agency’s office in Ikeja.

The committee was said to have discovered that the yard looked deserted with disused equipment in its assembly plant scattered.

The report said officials of the company had refused to open the store for the senators to inspect it. They were however forced to open it after they were threatened.

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It was learnt that the senators were shocked as they found 1,500 pieces of various models of Volkswagen products and other brands of vehicles in the warehouse.

It is yet to be known what action the Senate would take concerning the discovery.



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